CREATING SPACES tm           by Marcia Lyon

This project is located in Buffalo, NY



Many older homes have a master bathroom that is small and seems like an afterthought.  These tiny spaces often have to accommodate two people, sometimes at the same time. Home buyers now look for quality of space and a bit of luxury in a master bath.


Just off the master bedroom (A), this master bath (B) was typically small and cramped with barely room to turn around.  The only closet (C) in the master was almost cheating with the second rod behind the first.

The hall bathroom (D) was linear in design and had two sinks, which were not really needed. This bath consumed more space than it should.

My challenge was to improve the two bathrooms within the existing space, and of course, save the homeowner as much money as possible.


I claimed the two existing windows for the new master bath (E) and added cabinetry and an expansive granite counter below.  I don’t believe in buying two sinks and cleaning two sinks if two people don’t get ready at the same time.  A mirror (F) is only needed above the sink for teeth brushing and face washing.

A storage closet (G) has shallow shelves and door shelves for the small items needed in a bathroom. The lower shelves are deeper to accommodate towels.

There is a good volume of space around the toilet (H), avoiding the old feeling of being squished.

The new tile shower (I) is spacious with a bench, and it benefits from the adjacent window.

The windows and doors were not changed, resulting in cost savings.

Behind the existing sliding closet doors is a real walk in closet (K) with no hidden clothes.

Now the master bedroom (A) has an up to date bathroom and the bonus of a walk in closet.

The hall bath (L) is condensed to contain only the essentials.  Since there is no longer a window in this bathroom, we added an operable skylight (M).


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