22104 Addition

CREATING SPACES tm           by Marcia Lyon

We used to live in houses that were much more compartmentalized than what we desire currently. Not every can or should be blown wide open. I don’t think that it is particularly nice to see the kitchen when people come in the front door; that is unless the house is a one room cabin!


This colonial house had a few problems beyond having closed-off spaces.  For one, the only outdoor entertaining space is a deck (A) off the solarium (B), remote from the kitchen (C). It is a nice space to visit with people in the pool (D) but not convenient to bringing food and drink outside. The exterior door (E) most near the kitchen is on the basement stairway landing (F), right next to one of the world’s smallest half bathrooms (G) which is unfortunately also used for people to change into their bathing suits – ouch!

The solarium (B) is a lovely room but too narrow for good furniture arrangements.

The kitchen (C) is somewhat fragmented with the refrigerator across the room. This kitchen does have a nice alcove for a table for two.

Parking is either in the driveway (I) or beyond in the detached garage (not shown).

The homeowners wanted a more welcoming kitchen, better flow throughout and to have the house relate better to the in-ground pool (D).


An addition was necessary, so I started with adding a porch (J) to the back of the house as an entry to the kitchen from the garage or driveway parking.  This porch continued to a larger deck (K) following the back wall of the house, offering plenty of places to grill out and serve food.

The back door (E) and landing (F) was changed to enter on the house floor level by adding stairs to the basement run (L) effectively creating a connection (M) from the living room to the kitchen (N).  The tiniest half bath (G) was removed and a larger one (O) added, large enough to serve as a changing room while still maintaining a close proximity to the swimming pool (D).

Just inside of the new back porch (J) is a family entry (P) with coat closet, hooks, and a bench. Steps inside is a large expansive kitchen (N) with a skylight and larger casual dining space with views oriented towards the pool (D).

The solarium (B) width is expanded by adding an oversize bow bay window, creating another delightful place to spend time in this now attractive and highly functioning home.

MARCIA LYON is a professional remodeling designer and freelance writer, producing projects locally and several other areas across the US and Canada. Like Creating Spaces on Facebook! Reach Marcia at archimeatus@gmail.com; or phone 515-991-1300.   Her website is http://www.creatingspacesdesign.com


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